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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions Eilander Balgexpres


  1. Riding on the Eilander Balgexpres is at your own risk.

  2. Damage or theft by third parties cannot be recovered from Eilander Balgexpres

  3. No refunds will be given on reserved tickets, cancellation should in the first instance be discussed at the counter of Het Baken. The employees of Het Baken will try to place you on another ride if possible. If you cancel 24 hours in advance, and we can still offer the reserved seats to others, you will receive a refund of your purchase price. If this is not the case, you are not entitled to a refund. In case of doubt, first consult the employees of Het Baken, if that does not help, consult the owner of the Eilander Balgexpres.

  4. By purchasing a ticket you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

  5. You must remain seated during the ride.

  6. Wheelchairs, rollators and prams can almost always be taken along, please discuss this in advance with the driver/owner.

  7. The owner of the Eilander Balgexpres has the right to cancel a tour at any time due to bad weather, equipment breakdown or another unforeseen circumstance. In the event of cancellation, an attempt will be made to book you on another ride in the first instance, if this fails, you will receive a refund of your purchase amount.

  8. Children up to and including 2 years old can travel for free, but they must sit on your lap.

  9.  Your personal data is used via the reservation system to check you in at the start of a ride and to contact you if something goes wrong in the run-up to your booked ride.

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